Thursday, July 24, 2014

10 Things I'm Thankful For

1. We've booked our upcoming vacation to Myrtle Beach and I'm so excited!

2. The convenience of online shopping...let's be honest, I can't help myself.

3. Working for and with amazing, passionate people. My coworkers inspire me and push me to do even more and I'm so grateful for that.

4. Target sandals. The closest thing to flip flops I can wear to wrok, affordable and so fashionable.

5. My family, they make me laugh and feel safe.

6. That my husband and I are on the same work schedule. He used to work nights but the past year has been amazing having him home for dinner. It's the little, and not so little, things.

7. That I’m being given new tasks at work to expand my project works. This is putting me in line for bigger and better things!

8. My dog, he always makes my list!!!

9. For a supportive husband who forces me to take care of myself…not just everyone else!

10. Supportive bloggers like Katherine over at Katherine's Ccorner. She has helped me at various points in my blogging as a newbie and she's wonderful. Check out her linky party now to see some of the great blogs that have been inspiring me lately!

What're you thankful for? It can be so easy to complain about little things or to just not acknowledge all the great things we have around us. Comment below at least 1 thing you're grateful for!




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