Thursday, November 21, 2013

RELAX....That's an order!

Is this you???
 A lot of my girlfriends, specially now during the holiday season, find themselves swamped with work, errands, parties, housework….and the list goes on! How can we fit it all in?

The answer? WE CAN’T. When was the last time you sat down and just admitted that you didn’t want to have that catch-up coffee with an old friend, or attend all 7 holiday parties 2 weeks prior to Christmas? We don’t admit it because, well, it just sounds so mean to say you no. So here's my friendly little reminder that sometimes the best thing for you is NOT to do it all.

Me time doesn’t always consist of bubble baths and face masks. Actually, it rarely does! 
Why is it that we feel so guilty saying no or just being honest that we’re tired. “No, I don’t have other plans but I’m actually really looking forward to going home, taking off my bra and watching Scandal.” Is that really so difficult to say? I mean, those are legit my plans tonight. For reals.

So every now and then when I start to get grumpy because the household chores are piling up and the fridge is empty and my bones ache because I’m just that tired…I remind myself it’s okay to make plans to ‘not have plans’.

A friend might ask, "Hey do you have plans tonight?" "Actually, yes. I have plans to stay home, have a glass of sangria and wash about 3 loads of laundry." End of story. No apologies necessary.

It may sound selfish, and that’s not my intent, but sometimes we have to be just a tiny
bit selfish. What good am I if I’m running around like a crazy woman but too tired to make
dinner or spend time with my husband?

We have to remember that this is the season for giving but we have to also give to ourselves.
Let’s not forget to give ourselves peace of mind, give ourselves a chance to breathe,
give ourselves a break. And don’t forget, it’s okay to focus on you at least a little bit!

The reason you’re so busy is because you’re so great and everyone wants a piece of you.
Just make sure there’s enough of you at the end of each day that you still feel whole!

So RELAX! Don't stretch yourself too thin this season and just enjoy life. Make every day
count but for the love of chocolate...kick off your shoes & have some hot cider!

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Happy Holidays!!!



Wednesday, November 13, 2013

BB Cream Breakdown: Rimmel vs. Garnier

It's no shock to anyone that watches my YouTube videos that I LOVE BB Creams.
I can't stand thick, cakey foundations that leave me dry or irritates. I just want something smooth
and light, helping me out just a bit ;) I've been wanting to do a series comparing my favorite BB Creams
and it's taken a while but I really wanted to make sure I was giving each one it's fair share.

So today, we're starting off with Rimmel London BB Cream 9-in-1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup vs. Garnier BB Cream Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector for Combination to Oily Skin.

 2 FL. OZ.

-Evens Tone
-Protects SPF 20
-Controls Shine
-3 shades

1 FL. OZ.

-Minimizes Pores
-Helps Protect SPF 25
-3 shades

So here are my actual thoughts. Over the Summer, I actually loved both of these BB Creams equally. They provided a smooth even texture to skin while moisturizing and protecting. I loved them! But alas, the cold Winter months are approaching and I've already noticed a huge difference in application.

Garnier is a super thin consistency that can be very messy if you're not careful. But I love the ease
of blending whether with my fingertips, Beauty Blender, or brush. I only need one layer but you
can easily dab on a second layer for extra coverage if you need. I don't think this BB Cream provides
enough moisturization and I always apply a face cream prior to putting on my makeup. But it doesn't
oxidize, has a radiant glow -- not dewey at all but not matte and it does actually help to control shine.

Rimmel has one of the thickest consistencies I've seen in a BB Cream. Over the Summer months I
didn't mind but I do now :/ It dried a bit patchy on my dry spots and actually made my pores
more noticeable. To me, that's unforgiving! I do like the color although since it's a big warmer and
more orange-toned, it suits me better in Summer. Another downfall is that it stays tacky on the
skin for quite a while. Even after putting on all my makeup, I could still feel the tackiness in certain
areas. Coverage is buildable and it does a great job concealing any little blemishes you may have.

The winner for me is definitely Garnier! Although super runny and messy, it was easier to blend, a
great color and most importantly, didn't bring attention to any of my flaws. It doesn't necessarily
mattify but then again, it doesn't claim to. It does control shine which is great for me because I
need that help! I really love and recommend this BB Cream to anyone, oily or dry skin.

Have you tried either of these BB Creams? I'm hoping to review and compare 2 BB
Creams every 2 weeks. What are your favorites and which ones would you never
touch again? I thought I loved all the ones I've been using but I think now that the
cold weather is here, that will be changing.

I'm putting it to the test. What do you guys think???



Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NOTD: Revlon Parfumerie & Finger Paints

I think it's obvious that I'm obsessed with nail polish. My newest obsession?
Revlon's new Parfumerie line. I have a ton of colors from this line and I'm somewhat
 ashamed to admit it...okay, not really! Here's a quick little NOTD and review for you guys.

Apricot Nectar is a gorgeous corally orange, bright, somewhat pastel and truly opaque-- with three coats! I've tried Autumn Spice and adore the color, finish and opacity. This cream finish is beautiful however, it does apply a bit streaky despite the thick consistency.

I decided to try Apricot Nectar without a base or top coat, basically naked! It dried pretty quickly and after 3 days there's no chipping but, of course, there is some wear on the tips. I'm sure wear time could be extended by at least 2 days with a good top coat (I love Out The Door).

What about the scent? That's what you really want to know. I've heard some people complain the scent isn't strong or doesn't last. I can't smell it a mile away but I can smell it when my hand is near my nose and it lasts about 2-3 days (Autumn Spice lasted 5 days!). According to my husband, Apricot Nectar smells like Skittles.


Finger Paints Hue Left Me A Message? is the most beautiful rose gold glitter I own, not that I have a billion but I do have a few. It's by far my favorite. Very easy to apply, the glitter goes on evenly in one coat but two coats is perfection.

The base is a clear polish that isn't thick and goopy like most glitter polishes. And there's an abundance of super fine glitter that sparkles but isn't obnoxious and chunky. Some glitters come off tacky and loud. This is classy and sophisticated.

And over Apricot Nectar? Don't get me started. Be still my heart. This is my first Finger Paints polish but I already know it won't be my last!
All in all, I love these polishes alone but especially paired together. I wish Apricot Nectar 
was easier to apply and less streak but the color and scent are awesome. I have no complaints
when it comes to Hue Left Me A Message? Gorge, just gorge. Of course I'm going to tell
you to run and get it!!!



Monday, November 4, 2013

Tarte Holiday Collection: The Tarte of Giving Swatches & Review

Can a holiday gift set get any better than this? The Tarte of Giving is an exceptionally special set, including a beautiful array of shadows, glosses, creams, blushes, stains, mascara AND a gorgeous hanging travel makeup bag that makes the perfect gift...for someone else or to yourself!

Which is exactly what I decided to do, give the gift of Tarte!
And I'll tell you right now, priced at $59 this was a real steal. I wasn't the least bit disappointed.
Let's move on to what's included because there's a lot.

- 20 Limited-Edition Amazonian Clay Eye Shadows

- 8 Deluxe Maracuja Lipglosses

- Deluxe Pure Maracuja Oil

- Deluxe Maracuja C-Brighter™ Eye Treatment

- Deluxe Limited-Edition Amazonian 12-Hour Clay Blush in  Memorable

- Deluxe Cheek Stain in Flush

- Deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes™ 4-In-1 Mascara

- Travel Makeup Bag

How beautiful is this packaging? The eyeshadlow palette is definitely on the larger side but very thin and flat. I love the purple with gold detailing theme we see going with the bag and case. As you can see, this palette is divided into 4 sections with 4 color lid/crease/highlight groupings and one shade that appears to be the definer color.

It may look like a lot of these colors are too similar but in person you see just how beautiful and different they are. Tarte has given us an array of colors, tones and finishes that aren't too powdery and speak to the high quality we've come to expect from this brand.

Let's check out some close ups...


I have finally started using this palette and extras and I must say I'm in love. The buttery quality of
the shadows are to die for. The blush is gorgeous and long lasting as promised. The glosses shown
above vary in hue but all share a shiny finish and comfortable consistency. I'm in love.

I would more than recommend you splurge and gift this to yourself or to a loved one.
Or even knock  out several gifts for different friends in one shot!

You will NOT be disappointed, I promise!

Check out my review here: