Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Makeup Collection Downsize: Blushes

I know it sounds rediculous. You're purging your makeup? How much do you have? 
Too much, that's how much! 

I don't mind having a large collection, however, there are so many products 
I don't get to use or products I'm using just to use them but there's no love there. 
So it was time!

I teamed up with my good friend Jen over at GlamMoms on YouTube 
to go through our collections and downsize. Really think about what we love and actually use 
versus don't use but just keep around because it's pretty, or we spent the money, or who 
knows what other excuses.

Can you believe that is how many blushes I had? I mean, come on! I only have one face!

After a torturous and painful hour, I was able to part with 26 blushes! I honestly thought
I had about 26 to begin with. Not closer to 50!

And this is what I'm left with. Still a whole lotta blush for these two cheeks but
definitely more manageable. These are all blushes I know I like and use.

Now I know this is still excessive, don't get me wrong! 
But I'm a makeup junkie and this is what I do ;)

Check out my decluttering process below and let me know if you've done anything
similar whether it be with your makeup, house, clothes, etc. 
I love all types of decluttering stories.

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