Thursday, November 21, 2013

RELAX....That's an order!

Is this you???
 A lot of my girlfriends, specially now during the holiday season, find themselves swamped with work, errands, parties, housework….and the list goes on! How can we fit it all in?

The answer? WE CAN’T. When was the last time you sat down and just admitted that you didn’t want to have that catch-up coffee with an old friend, or attend all 7 holiday parties 2 weeks prior to Christmas? We don’t admit it because, well, it just sounds so mean to say you no. So here's my friendly little reminder that sometimes the best thing for you is NOT to do it all.

Me time doesn’t always consist of bubble baths and face masks. Actually, it rarely does! 
Why is it that we feel so guilty saying no or just being honest that we’re tired. “No, I don’t have other plans but I’m actually really looking forward to going home, taking off my bra and watching Scandal.” Is that really so difficult to say? I mean, those are legit my plans tonight. For reals.

So every now and then when I start to get grumpy because the household chores are piling up and the fridge is empty and my bones ache because I’m just that tired…I remind myself it’s okay to make plans to ‘not have plans’.

A friend might ask, "Hey do you have plans tonight?" "Actually, yes. I have plans to stay home, have a glass of sangria and wash about 3 loads of laundry." End of story. No apologies necessary.

It may sound selfish, and that’s not my intent, but sometimes we have to be just a tiny
bit selfish. What good am I if I’m running around like a crazy woman but too tired to make
dinner or spend time with my husband?

We have to remember that this is the season for giving but we have to also give to ourselves.
Let’s not forget to give ourselves peace of mind, give ourselves a chance to breathe,
give ourselves a break. And don’t forget, it’s okay to focus on you at least a little bit!

The reason you’re so busy is because you’re so great and everyone wants a piece of you.
Just make sure there’s enough of you at the end of each day that you still feel whole!

So RELAX! Don't stretch yourself too thin this season and just enjoy life. Make every day
count but for the love of chocolate...kick off your shoes & have some hot cider!

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Happy Holidays!!!




  1. Hi, Adriana! I couldn't agree with you more! In my younger years I would run myself around like crazy, trying to work, raise the kids, volunteer, and more! The older I get, the more I realize I should have slowed down a bit back then. I can't erase time, but I am definitely at a slower pace these days. We'll probably only go to a couple Christmas parties this year and we may even leave on a mini-vacation over the week of Christmas. I love all the "Keep Calm" signs that are on signs/the internet! This would be a great one to post somewhere, as a reminder! Thanks for sharing....I shared on my most recent post about taking time out for myself, just this week! Very important!
    Ann @ Cairn Cottage

    1. So glad you agree! I'm finding myself more and more tired every year. I love the holidays and don't want to ever feel like it's a chore to spend time with family or 'get in the spirit'. Sometimes, just relaxing and staying in is just what I need to reset.
      I'll check out your post now! :)