Wednesday, November 13, 2013

BB Cream Breakdown: Rimmel vs. Garnier

It's no shock to anyone that watches my YouTube videos that I LOVE BB Creams.
I can't stand thick, cakey foundations that leave me dry or irritates. I just want something smooth
and light, helping me out just a bit ;) I've been wanting to do a series comparing my favorite BB Creams
and it's taken a while but I really wanted to make sure I was giving each one it's fair share.

So today, we're starting off with Rimmel London BB Cream 9-in-1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup vs. Garnier BB Cream Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector for Combination to Oily Skin.

 2 FL. OZ.

-Evens Tone
-Protects SPF 20
-Controls Shine
-3 shades

1 FL. OZ.

-Minimizes Pores
-Helps Protect SPF 25
-3 shades

So here are my actual thoughts. Over the Summer, I actually loved both of these BB Creams equally. They provided a smooth even texture to skin while moisturizing and protecting. I loved them! But alas, the cold Winter months are approaching and I've already noticed a huge difference in application.

Garnier is a super thin consistency that can be very messy if you're not careful. But I love the ease
of blending whether with my fingertips, Beauty Blender, or brush. I only need one layer but you
can easily dab on a second layer for extra coverage if you need. I don't think this BB Cream provides
enough moisturization and I always apply a face cream prior to putting on my makeup. But it doesn't
oxidize, has a radiant glow -- not dewey at all but not matte and it does actually help to control shine.

Rimmel has one of the thickest consistencies I've seen in a BB Cream. Over the Summer months I
didn't mind but I do now :/ It dried a bit patchy on my dry spots and actually made my pores
more noticeable. To me, that's unforgiving! I do like the color although since it's a big warmer and
more orange-toned, it suits me better in Summer. Another downfall is that it stays tacky on the
skin for quite a while. Even after putting on all my makeup, I could still feel the tackiness in certain
areas. Coverage is buildable and it does a great job concealing any little blemishes you may have.

The winner for me is definitely Garnier! Although super runny and messy, it was easier to blend, a
great color and most importantly, didn't bring attention to any of my flaws. It doesn't necessarily
mattify but then again, it doesn't claim to. It does control shine which is great for me because I
need that help! I really love and recommend this BB Cream to anyone, oily or dry skin.

Have you tried either of these BB Creams? I'm hoping to review and compare 2 BB
Creams every 2 weeks. What are your favorites and which ones would you never
touch again? I thought I loved all the ones I've been using but I think now that the
cold weather is here, that will be changing.

I'm putting it to the test. What do you guys think???




  1. i love garnier bb cream, that's what i use! i'm glad that this is your winner too♥

    1. I love it, it's so light but does the job!