Friday, March 7, 2014

NOTD: Hard Candy 'So So Sequin'

So it's not the fanciest or most expensive nail polish. And it's not the most long-lasting.
BUT...Hard Candy's So So Sequin does the job and it's so pretty.

I can't even remember what light light purplish-gray I'm wearing as a base.
I used So So Seqiun as a top coat, with a top coat. The clear base contains
blue, purple and silver glitters that are pretty and abundant.

Nothing's worse than a glitter that you have to apply 7 layers to actually see!

Two coats later, you have a lovely glitter top coat that unfortuantely, will chip the next day.

Like I said, or wrote, it's not the most amaing quality. But for $1.99 at Walmart I'm not complaining!
The color and sparkle make up for it and I've seen several other brands with similar looks
so the price is right up my alley.

Have you tried any of the Hard Candy glitters? What do you think?



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