Monday, March 10, 2014

REVIEW: TARTE LipSurgence Lip Luster

TARTE LipSurgence lip luster ‘Glitzy’
.1 OZ. $24

Per Sephora’s website, the LipSurgence line is considered a “lip treatment that gives lips a natural shimmering flush while softening and moisturizing lips…high dose of color and shine.”
LipSurgence is actually a technology that supposedly provides moisture on a cellular level that makes your lips look naturally plump.

 As for reality, I’m no scientist by any means and maybe all this is going on within my cells. However, as nice as it feels on my lips, it doesn’t really feel any differently than any other moisturizing lip crayon or balm.

There is a noticeable peppermint scent so if that’s not your thing then stay clear of this line.

My main issue, so to speak, with this product is the grainy, glittery feel when you rub your lips together. I don’t feel it when I first apply but once I rub…agh, cringeworthy. Is it enough to make me dislike the product? No. Is it something I would purchase at full price? No.

I hate being a Debby downer because I do like the color and application. However, the glittery texture just throws me off. At $24 a pop I want color, lasting power, smoothness, I want it all!

Okay, I know I can’t have everything but I really dislike that glittery feel on my lips. It’s just not right, people!

Have you tried the Lip Luster line, does the glitter bother you, too or am I just plain crazy? Let me know!



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