Friday, October 18, 2013

Lorac Unzipped: Review & Swatches

I have a new obsession...I've had the Lorac Unzipped palette for a few months
now and just recently rediscovered it.  I absolutely love this palette. Even though I like
the Lorac Pro palette and don't regret purchasing it, it's not special or dear to my heart.
I'm a girl that needs shimmer, needs something pretty and that pop of color. And even
though you may look at Unzipped and say, 'Hey, those are all neutrals,'
I see something so much more.

I see beautiful bronzes, shimmering sands, captivating cocoas... the quality, pigmentation
and blendability of this palette by far makes this one of my all time favorites. And the gorgeous mix
of shimmery shades and mattes make for an extremely practice palette.

From left to right I swatched the top and bottom rows. The top photo is
in the shade and the bottom photo is in direct sunlight.

Undercover (Nude Matte), Unbelievable (Copper Shimmer), Unattainable (Bronze Shimmer), Unconditional (Fawn Matte), Unbridled (Merlot Matte), Undiscovered (Gold Shimmer), Unreal (Champagne Shimmer), Uncensored (Chocolate Shimmer), Unspoken (Sable Matte), Untamed (Bordeaux Shimmer)   ~from the site

This palette can be found at or
for $40.00 and comes with an eye primer.

Have you tried this palette? What do you think? I'm always
interested to read what you guys have to say!



  1. Hey A! I've been wondering about this palette for so long! I know I don't need it -especially with all the palettes that I have purchased in the past few weeks! How do you like it? I always wonder whether the colors all look the same when you apply them.

    1. This really is one of my favorites. It's not as loud or flashy as some others but it's subtle and gorgeous. But I guess it depends on what palettes you already have. I have similar colors elsewhere but never use them. Because these are all in one palette I tend to use them more, weird right?

  2. This is on my makeup lust list. lol

    1. Ugh it's so beautiful and classic. Not as flashy as UD but I think this is such a smart purchase. If you get it let me know what you think!