Thursday, April 3, 2014

March Beauty & Home Favorites!

Welcome back! March was a great month, verrry cold here but wonderful
none the less. And even better, now it's April and I'm SO ready for Spring!

Check out my favorites in beauty and home by clicking the video below.

I always have way more favorites than I can show on YouTube just because...
well, who wants to watch a 45 minute video right?! So below are just a 
few more pics of some favorites of mine in March. Enjoy!

Tell me this isn't just the cutest little face you've ever seen!!!!

Forbidden Fruit:  martinique rhum, amaretto di saronno, apple juice & a pinch of cinnamon.
One word = AMAZING!

I have been rocking this lip pie in Dragon Fruit non-stop. 
I'm trying my best to usher in Spring!

What were some of your favorites this month? Please 
share and stop by Katherine's Corner for some more amazing
favorites, DIY, and more blog posts. I already have a list
of Easter projects I've found from her Linky Party!

 I have found so much inspiration through Katherine's
wonderful not-so-little-corner!



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