Saturday, January 11, 2014

Huge 17-Item Birthday Giveaway!!!

Who doesn't LOVE winning? I know I do…and I did! 
I recently won a giveaway and was so excited that I felt I should 
give back and host my own little giveaway!

All you need to do is check out my video below, like and subscribe to my YouTube channel, don't forget to comment there so I know you're entering!

Also, I want the winner to be someone who truly enjoys beauty and the beauty community we're all involved in so the winner will be my most active subscriber. I'll be taking note of who comments, shares, watches, etc.

That pink Nicole by OPI nail polish one of my favorites with tiny little pink hearts. You'll love it!

This is NOT to get more subscribers but rather a way to help everyone get 
involved in this wonderful community I've found so welcoming and has 
been such a blessing to my life.

Check out the video here for details to enter and see what you could win!

If you want to see more great blogs and even more PINK check out
How Sweet The Sound and her beautiful link party!

Stay Beautiful & Stay Blessed!!!



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