Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Favorite Fall Nail Polishes!

I don't know about you, but I love Autumn. Even the name is beautiful. The mere mention of Autumn summons visions of leaves changing colors, breezy sunny afternoon strolls, hot cider and apple picking. At least where I live! I'm also hit with the sudden urge to paint my nails rich hues of amber, violet, ruby and emerald.

I'm not that girl that limits herself to certain colors, whether it
be eyeshadows, lipsticks or nail polish, depending on the season. But I
can't help but embrace the mesmerizing colors of Autumn.

Below are my top nail polish picks (um, 18 to be exact :/ ) for Fall. Let's go!

Let's start off with the reds! As you can see below, Essie's Ole Caliente is a vibrant, fun, bright coral-red. Maybelline Color Show Red Relic is from the new Vintage Leather Collection and I'll be honest, some of the colors are hit or miss. This, my friends, is a hit. It's a matte orangey-red with some flecks that give that distressed leather look. On the opposite end...Julie G's Sugar Rush is rich and bright and sparkly and textured! (can you tell I love this color?) I personally like textured nails and this one didn't fail me. It's a firey red with orange undertones and gold shimmer.

Unlike the above colors, Sally Hansen's Lustre Shine in Lava needs 2-3 coats to be somewhat opaque but boy is it worth it. This duochrome is gorgeous with multi-hued shimmers that change from gold, orange, red, violet and pink. Sinful Colors Leather Loose is my most recent fav. This is from their new Leather Luxe Collection and is a matte espresso brown with brownish-gold shimmer. This also works with a clear top coat which makes it stunning in the sunlight. describes Flynn as lush camel brown nude cream. This is my go-to office appropriate polish.

OPI Don't Talk Bach To Me (I LOVE their names) is a yellowy-lime. This is a color that I initially didn't like at the store but kept going Bach to (har har) and must admit I really like. It's definitely different from anything I own. Color Club's Abyss is a really pretty vivid green that leans toward
teal and is super opaque. I got the above swatch in one swipe! Like Leather Loose, Strapped is
from the Sinful Colors Leather Luxe Collection and again, I adore their matte opaque
polishes. This is a dark turquoise with more green. Love this as a matte.
WetnWild is one of my favorite brands and ATTENHut! doesn't disappoint. Super shimmery and textured, this forest green is perfect for Fall. The last green I chose is OPE Live and Let Die. Such a gorgeous deep, not overly shimmery, green it makes you wanna slap your momma. Seriously!

 I had to choose some bright blues, I just had to. Sally Hansen Blue My Mind is something I'll wear year round with no apology. How bright is this polish! I love the wide brush it has but it does need a good two thick coats to be opaque. Sinful Colors is on a roll. Alfresco is a medium periwinkle blue and took the nail polish world by storm. If you see this at a store near you, grab it! Then there's SH Black and Blue which is a perfect transition to Fall with its grey, blue, green and purple tones.

 Almost done guys! You guessed it, Sinful Colors AGAIN! Get It On is also a leather luxe polish and I can't help but love it. This matte leather look is what takes it from just a pretty color to something truly unique. This deep wine color is vampy and perfect for a fierce nail. Now take that color, throw some purple shimmer and high shine and you hav Zoya's Mason, ah-mazing!

Hard Candy made it to my list for the first time. I love this milky lavender polish
that is mixed with silver, pink and blue sparkles. What makes this so great? The fact
that the above pictures were with just one coat! The glitter is so easy to get evenly on your nails which is unheard of. Lastly, but certainly not least, Julie G's Metallic Heels
is beyond metallic gold. It's more like a gold foil on your tips. I adore this color and
highly recommend her laquers if you can get yourself to a rite aid.

(Watch my video for a live look!)

What do you want to see? Favorite Fall Recipes? Fall Fashion Trends? How about a Fall Makeup Tutorial? Comment down below your favorite thing about Fall and let me know what you want to see from me the next few weeks!



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