Saturday, September 14, 2013

Welcome to my blog!

Hey guys! My name is Adriana and I'm a wife, friend, daughter, sister, Titi, beauty product junkie, craft lover and do-it-yourself-er. I own my home with my husband so we do lots of renovation, gardening and DIY home projects...he's definitely handier than I am but don't let this 5'2" frame fool you, I can pull my own weight! (Kinda)

Let's not forget about Snyper, our fur-baby. If you follow me on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Keek, or Pinterest you've probably be inundated with posts devoted to my perfect little prince. And by perfect I mean hyper, super friendly, water-loving, nap taking, 90lb chocolate lab.

I'm getting certified for Event Planning so I'm hoping to share some fun tips that might help you throw parties, decorate and even save some money while you're at it. But let's be honest. If you're here it's probably because you found this little blog through my YouTube beauty channel. I've only been filming a few months but it's already become such a big part of my life and a big part of what brings a smile to my face. I've me some pretty cool people and learned a LOT about beauty in the process. More importantly, I learned not to take myself so darn seriously!

After spending most of my 20s trying to please others and playing it safe, I finally decided to put myself out there--quite literally--through YouTube and now my blog. I'm so excited to have this outlet to share my love for beauty, crafts, food, books, music, name it!

So follow and join me on my journey of Becoming Adriana!



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